miniature dollhouse handmade mini sewing threads fabric ribbon scissor iron mannequin kit set for doll


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**Please notice this listing is selling mini sewing set only, barbie doll, furniture, background accessories are not included.**

**Please notice these sewing set is for doll use, it is not in human scale.**

**Please notice the items are fixed and they are not detachable.**

**Contains mini items, keep away from children**

Handmade miniature dollhouse mini sewing threads fabric ribbon scissor iron mannequin set props

Option: please select the option from the drop down menu. 

Size: Stationery Racks & Stationery approx 7.3cm X 2.6cm X 2.6cm.

Copper box needle and thread set approx. 2.8cm X 1.8cm X 1.3cm.

Threads set approx. 5cm X 3.2cm X 1.2cm.

Fabric set approx 4.8cm X 3.2cm X 3.2cm.

2 X mini mannequins, each mannequin approx. 8.7cm X 2.4cm X 2.4cm.

2 X Scissors, each approx 2.2cm X 1.2cm X 1.2cm.

Embroidered canvas approx 2.4cm X 2.4cm X 0.4cm.

Ribbons set approx. 3.2cm X 2.3cm X 1.4cm.

Copper box threads set approx. 3.3cm X 2.5cm X 1.7cm.

Threads wood tray approx. 3.5cm X 3.4cm X 0.8cm.

Threads & basket approx. 4.4cm X 3.6cm X 2cm.

Mini vintage iron approx. 1.9cm X 1.2cm X 1.9cm.

Mini vintage sewing machine approx. 3.5cm X 1.5cm X 2.9cm.

Ribbons & Racks set approx. 5.6cm X 3.2cm X 3.7cm.

Sewing threads box set approx. 3.3cm X 2.5cm X 1.5cm.

Threads set 02 approx. 5cm X 3.2cm X 1.2cm.

Scale: 1:6 dolls.

Please let me know if you have questions.

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