Luxury Large piece Blue & Gold sequins beads floral lace Applique/ lace motif


This Item is out of stock temporarily.
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**Please notice there are lots of beads and sequins on this lace applique design, I will double check they are well attached on the lace applique before shipping. However, some small beads maybe detached during delivery, it is fixable by glue gun.**

Luxury Large piece Blue & Gold jewellery sequins beads floral lace Applique/lace motif is for sale.

colour: mainly in Royal Blue, sky blue and Gold combination with some acrylic stones beads and sequins on the lace.

Style: 3d floral lace on tulle

Size: 41cm x 18.5cm

Sold by 1quantity = 1 piece of lace applique

Please let me know if you have questions.

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