Job lot 12pieces children iron on animal patch rabbit bear iron on embroidery applique motif garment badge patches


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Job lot 12pieces children iron on animal patch rabbit bear embroidery applique motif badge

Sold by 1 quantity = 12 pieces of patches.

Colour : multi

Size: Multi. The smaller one approx. 4.2cm X 4.6cm. The biggest one approx. 8.5cm X 4.5cm

[How to iron cloth patches]
1. Put the flower patch on the position you want to place first, stick the clothes with the hot melt adhesive (the glue cannot be torn off), preheat the iron, and iron from the front of the patch for 10-20 seconds to make the cloth Attach a fixed position. You can also use needle and thread to fix the position of the patch before ironing to prevent the patch from shifting.
2. Turn the fixed position of the patch together with the clothes (or other textiles), and iron from the reverse side for 30-60 seconds to ensure that the adhesive melts and the patch is firmly attached to the clothes (or other textiles).
3. Finally, iron from the front for 1-2 minutes, mainly iron the edges and corners of the patch, to ensure that the surface is flat and smooth and blends perfectly with the clothes (or other textiles).

Please let me know if you have questions.

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