Handmade 1:6 miniature dollhouse wood Japanese bridge lantern with stand furniture for doll


This Item is out of stock temporarily.
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**Please notice this listing is selling doll bridge and lantern only, barbie, doll, clothes, background interior furniture accessories are not included.**

**Please notice these bridge and lantern is for doll use, it is not in human scale.**

**Please notice 3 X AG3 battery are required for the lantern, we do not provide any battery due to the posting restrictions.**

Handmade 1:6 miniature dollhouse Japanese bridge lantern with stand furniture for barbie

Sold by 1 quantity =1 piece of furniture. (Please select the option from the drop down menu.)

colour: mainly in wood brown.

Dimension: Bridge: approx. 28.3cm (L) X 13cm (W) X 16cm (H).
Lantern: approx. 4cm (L) X 4cm (W) X 5cm (H).
Lantern's stand: approx. 10.5cm (L) X 5cm (W) X 19cm (H).

Material: wood.

Please let me know if you have questions.

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