Craftuneed Set of 4 miniature doll handbag bottom support mini plastic base shape for doll handbag craft making


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**Please notice these handbag bottom supports are for doll, they are not in human scale.**

Set of 4 doll handbag bottom support plastic handbag base shape for doll handbag making

Sold by 1 quantity = 4 handbag bottom supports.

colour: black.

Dimension: approx. 3.5cm X 2.8cm X 0.8cm, 2.8cm X 1.9cm X 0.5cm, 2.9cm X 1.8cm X 0.5cm and 2.6cm X 0.6cm X 0.4cm.

Scale: 1:6 suitable for barbie doll handbag.

material: plastic.

Ideal: Intend to use it for doll handbag making diy, as a bottom support to give shape for the doll handbags.

Please let me know if you have questions.

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