Craftuneed miniature dollhouse kitchen cabinet furniture doll hob fortune cat camera card machine accessory


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**Please notice this listing is selling kitchen cabinet, hooks, hob, fortune cat, camera and card machine only, doll, clothes, wall paper and background furniture are not included.**

**Please notice these props are for doll use, it is not in human scale.**

miniature dollhouse kitchen cabinet doll hob fortune cat camera card machine

Option: (please select the item option from the drop down menu).

Materials: wood, plastic and resin

Dimensions & Scale:

Wood kitchen cabinet approx. 19.8cm(L) X 7cm(W) X 27cm(H). (Suitable for 1:6 scale dolls).

Each hook approx. 1.5cm X 1cm. (Suitable for 1:6 scale dolls).

Hob approx. 9.3cm X 7.6cm X 0.9cm. (Suitable for 1:6 scale dolls).

Fortune cat approx. 2cm X 2.5cm X 4cm. (Suitable for 1:6 scale dolls).

Camera approx. 4.7cm X 4.8cm X 3cm. (**Suitable for 1:4 scale dolls, please notice we removed the inner battery from the camera due to posting restrictions, it is not a real camera and not able to take a photo. Also it is a bit large for 1:6 scale of dolls, can use it as a background decoration.**).

Card machine approx. 2.3cm X 3.9cm X 1cm. A card approx. 1.6cm X 1cm. (Suitable for 1:6 scale dolls).

Please let me know if you have questions.

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