60 pieces Aluminium strips nose bridge wire adhesive wire clip for face mask craft DIY handcraft making


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**Please notice accessories on picture is not included on this sales.  It is for demonstration purposes only. 

**This listing for 60 pieces aluminium strips.** (If you order 1 quantity, you will receive 60 pieces of 9cm long aluminium strips, packed as shown on last photo)

**Please notice, Item is aluminium and uncoated. As a result of this, Some pieces may have some minor scratches & marks on the surface. It is mainly due to pieces come into contact to each other.  Minor scratches will not affect the use of the item**
**The strip has adhesive on the back side. Adhesive is one use only, not able to reuse. We do not accept returns for any pieces if the adhesive is used.**

60 pieces Aluminium strips nose bridge wire adhesive wire clip for DIY craft making

Dimension: approx.9cm (length), approx. 0.5cm (width), approx. 0.05cm (depth/thickness).

Sold by 1 quantity = 60 pieces of aluminium strips. 
**Each piece of strip is ready cut into 9cm length.**
Material: Aluminium

Colour: silver.
Material is aluminium and it is light weight.
Weight: approx. 46g for 60 pieces (including weight of the outer plastic bag).

Warning: This is not a toy, keep away from children and pets. 

Basic tips:
**Aluminium strip itself will last longer with the proper use and care. Adhesive tape is one use only. To get best adhesion result, we recommend after a certain time of use, adhesive tape should be removed from the aluminium strip and should be replaced with a new double sided adhesive tape **
** Alternatively, user can design a pocket on the mask for the metal strip so strip can be slot in to fabric rather than using adhesive band. This will reduce any chance not being able to achieve good bonding between fabric and aluminium strip. Please be aware, certain fabric types may require special fabric adhesive bands to get best bonding results and for longer use **
** Please do not use bleach for cleaning aluminium strips which may leave marks on the surface. **

Please let me know if you have questions.

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