bridal wedding champagne ivory lace trim with silver cords lace trimming is for sale. Sold by per yard 90cm


This Item is out of stock temporarily.
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**Please notice the picture no.4 is showing how to apply the lace trim on garment, it is for reference only, veil is not included and there is no sequins and no beads on the lace trim.**
**Please notice this lace trim contains more than one colour, it is champagne and ivory colours mixed combination with silver colour cords.**
bridal wedding champagne & ivory colours lace trim with silver cords trimming is for sale.
Sold by 1 quantity = 1 yard = 90cm
colour: mainly in champagne and ivory combination with silver colour cords.
Material: lace on tulle
Width/Height is approx. 5cm - 14cm
Please let me know if you have questions.

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