1:6 miniature dollhouse sewing machine & desk table set for barbie doll furniture props


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**Please notice this is doll sewing machine props for decoration purposes only, it does not have the real function of sewing machine, not in human scale.**

**Please notice this listing is selling sewing machine, table with stand, table top, display base and tools set only, doll, clothes, chair and background accessories are not included.**

**Picture number 3 shows the sewing machine on the sewing desk table with stand. You can use the tools to remove the desk table and sewing machine, then attach the accessory piece of table top onto the stand (shown on picture number 4). Also you can attach the sewing machine onto the accessory piece of display base (shown on picture number 5).**

1:6 handmade miniature dollhouse sewing machine table set for barbie doll furniture props

Sold by 1 quantity = 1 X sewing machine + 1 X sewing desk table with stand + 1 piece X table top (accessory) + 1 piece X display base (accessory) + 1 pack X tools.

colour: brown or ivory (please select it from the drop down menu).

Dimension: Shown on the picture number 3,4 and 5.

Scale: 1:6.

Material: Mainly metal and wood.

Please let me know if you have questions.

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